Easy and Affordable Ideas to Decorate your Garden

Here’s a little anonymous fact; decorating your garden is not as backbreaking as you may think it to be. With a few tricks and tips, you can completely transform your garden into a celestial like space; or if you’re the goofy fun loving kind, a whimsical spot that sweeps you right back to your childhood.

Fortunately, there are more than enough approaches to delightful garden decor; it all simply depends on your preferences. And while it may feel like an impossibly onerous task, most people are often stunned at how very elementary it can get. Whether you wish to keep it old school by sticking to good old plants and flowers or you intend to take things up a notch by throwing in garden ornaments and figurines, decorating your garden is more or less a cinch. You only need to assume a little vigilance, determination and do your share of due diligence in order to find what works great for you.

With that, it is time to move to this write-up’s core focus; easy, no brainer ways to decorate your garden. The subsequent section is a rundown of some facile ways to revamp your garden.


A good number of people write off this approach as seemingly basic; yet in reality, plants and flowers are an easy yet very effectual way to decorate your garden. Although you may have to put in a bit research for astounding results, it is a very gratifying step towards improving your garden’s overall feel and vista. Here are a few tips on how to hack this.

1. Use Flowers For a Cordial Color Splash

Yes, it is a bit obvious that you can never go wrong with a flowered garden. Even so, a more than average floral effect takes a lot more than just a few flowers here and there. For one, most plants flower during specific seasons, meaning your garden may not maintain a colorful spectra all year. The trick to maintaining this effect almost all year round is by combining different plants; do not limit yourself.

Fill your garden with perennials, annuals and biennials; you can even throw in a few colorful herbs in there. The secret is to pick a color theme and sticking to it by getting complementary plants.

2. Use Patterns and Proportions

Don’t make the mistake of roughly mixing up your plants; shape and size combinations are crucial. Maintaining a particular pattern goes a long way into keeping the view neat and serene. Repetition is a perfect way to achieve a marvelous sequential feel.

Ensure the plant sizes do not overwhelm or whitewash the space in question. Large planting can sometimes feel overwhelming while small ones are easily dwarfed when no regard is taken when laying them down.

3. Group Planting

It may sound outrageous for one to throw in more than one plant in a single container but the results can be surprisingly fantastic. Once you pick a theme, get a large container and fill it up with multi-colored plants. But even in doing so, avoid creating a hot mess by grouping your plants of choice accordingly. Ensure the plants you pick complement each other and have a subtle individual effect that does not overshadow the rest of the group.

4.Potted Plants

Plant pots make a statement. And with the right ones, you can rev up your garden with occasional colorful container breaks. Potted plants give the space that merry atmosphere most people tirelessly struggle to achieve.


For the longest time, people have used ornaments to adorn their gardens and to break the monotonous plant/flower outlook. In all honesty, it is a genius hack about garden decor. Garden ornaments and art additions are diverse and you will find that almost anything goes. It is simply a matter of preference. From gnomes to flamingos, gargoyles to cute animal figurines, ornaments are a clever and unique way to decorate your outdoors.

Before you plunge yourself into an outrageous artistic garden transformation, it is imperative to understand that moderation is of the essence. The following are a few tips on how to best employ art pieces and figurines to a garden.

1. Keep It Simple

Subtle garden figurines and ornaments can have an amplified effect when put in a suitably themed surrounding. Some pieces, depending on the garden’s prerequisites, may look dully misplaced. Find ornaments that not only blend into the general atmosphere but essentially irradiate it.

2. Focal Points and Centerpieces

One of the most straightforward approaches to garden art is by throwing in a focal or center piece. Garden focal points are gripping and often impress visitors and by-passers. In most cases, these centerpieces are unique pieces that make a statement. They could be playful or elegant, big or small, animistic or fantastical; their nature entirely depends on your taste.

3. Size Matters

The basic idea is to accentuate the entire garden, not inundate parts of it. Needless to say, grandiose ornaments may not be a smart input into a tiny garden space. As seen earlier, keeping things simple is imperative. Whether you settle on a single majestic piece or several miniature figurines, ensure they fit right into the scene.


With those few garden decoration hacks and tricks up your sleeve, you can now comfortably go wild on your yard/garden/lawn. Do keep in mind that garden decor is meant to be fun, creative and warm. Avoid complicated additions that will only confuse the space; in this case, simplicity is your safest bet.

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