Selecting an Interior Space Color

Each year, interior designers and paint companies from around the world try to predict the most popular colors for the seasons and year. In 2019, we’re continuing to see more natural colors, fabrics and even decor being a very popular option. For the last few years, being in touch with nature has been a popular trend, for both homes and lifestyles. Today, we’re discussing the popular color trends in 2019 and what you can expect to see when it comes to interior design.

Woodland Shades

While green has been a popular color option for interior design and decor for the last few years, in 2019 we’ll start to see other woodland shades and colors such as browns, grays and combinations of the two. Imagine mushrooms, branches and other sites you would see while venturing through the woodlands. These colors and shades will give your space and home a more natural, old world and comfortable vibe.

Natural Greens

As mentioned above, for the last few years, more natural and deep greens have been a popular choice among interior design and decor. Deep natural greens can provide both a masculine and feminine touch when paired with other colors, patterns and even decor. Whether you want to pair green with other natural tones or maybe with a more luxurious gold, these colors can provide a welcoming, calming and more natural feel for a space.


In 2019, pastel colors aren’t only popular for hair, we’re even seeing them heavily in interior design and decor. Pastel colors are an excellent way to get a pop of color in a space, without it taking over the entire design. Due to the muted nature of pastel colors, they are also an excellent option for any gender-neutral space or even in common areas such as the living room, dining room or even kitchen. These colors are also great for any space that needs to be calm, relaxing and welcoming.

Muted Blues

Keeping in line with the theme of comfortable, relaxing and welcoming spaces, muted blues, often mixed with grey undertones are another popular choice in 2019. Due to the calming nature of these misty tones, the space can promote a more serene energy in your home. These colors are extremely subtle and can be paired with a variety of decor around the room, also making the space appear larger.


Wanting something earthy, natural, calming and a bit different? Ditch the off-sites and beige colors in 2019, because clay colors are the hot new trend. Colors such as caramel, terra cotta and burnt orange provide a bit more personality than your average off-whites or beiges, allowing you to show off your unique style without being too flashy.

Moody Colors

While most of the color trends of 2019 focus on muted, light and relaxing tones. Moody colors will also be a big hit in 2019. Think rich, deep, dark and complex colors such as chestnut browns, deep burgundies or even charcoal blues. These color options can make a dramatic statement in your space without being too vibrant or distracting.

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